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ChemTelligence Cologne

Chemistry: a driver to business

Comprising over 260 companies employing more than 70,000 staff, the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors lead the industry ranking in the Rhineland. The area is home to multinationals such as Bayer, LANXESS, ExxonMobilChemical and INEOS, and almost 22 percent of German chemical sales are generated here.

The Chemtelligence innovation platform provides the industry with a close-knit network designed to meet current challenges with smart solutions. The platform connects the chemical industry with startups, students, scientists, and industry.

© KölnTourismus GmbH, Foto: Axel Schulten


The Cologne region is also emerging as one of tomorrow’s biotechnology centers.
With 20 companies in the city and more than 40 in the region, the Cathedral City is already one of Europe’s leading biotech and life science regions. Here the Rhine Metropolis benefits from its proximity to important chemical and pharmaceutical companies as well as from the city’s unique research and university landscape.

The Turkish biotech company Monrol is set to relocate to Cologne. For Monrol CEO Aydın Küçük, the city with "its scientific institutes" provides the ideal location for his business. In Cologne's Immendorf industrial park, the world's leading pharmaceutical specialist for nuclear medicine will develop cancer treatments.

Health and life sciences

Cologne is also a leading national and international center for health and life sciences. Specializing in everything from biotechnology through medical technology to digital health, the city’s 200-plus companies are becoming increasingly relevant given society’s growing awareness of health.

Companies in the healthcare industry are key drivers of innovation and growth. In addition to startups and scale-ups that enrich the industry with innovative and forward-looking solutions, Cologne is also home to leading international companies such as Miltenyi Biotec, Bayer and Lonza.