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Sustainable Cologne

What makes a city sustainable?

Sustainability encompasses numerous aspects – but its key components are ecology, economy, and social issues. In urban environments it’s about things like sustainable energy and water supply concepts, building sustainably, locally produced, and fair-trade commodities, as well as mutual respect.

Cologne sets store by sustainability.

Cologne has been the Capital of Fair Trade since 2011. Since TransFair e.V. was founded in 1992, fair trade has grown deep roots in Cologne’s Sülz district. It was in Cologne that the Fairtrade label took off on its path to success. 

Around the time of Transfair’s founding, the City of Cologne also committed itself to meeting ambitious climate targets.

Working with the local energy supplier RheinEnergie AG, the smartCity Cologne (SCC) initiative and later the water transition project (wasserwende) were launched in 2011.

Sustainability projects x11

Cologne has set its sights on becoming increasingly more sustainable. Initiatives and projects are bringing new ideas to the city. Right from the start, it’s about producing things more sustainably, using water and energy more consciously, building more sustainably, eating, drinking, living sustainably and fairly, gardening and acting sustainably.