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DEINspeisesalon is catering & location at the same time.
Do you value extremely tasty and authentic dishes that are precisely tailored to your event? Whether it's a wedding reception, corporate event, conference or a really, really big gala: thanks to our wealth of experience, we are guaranteed to find the right concept for you... from "fine dining" to "fancy" flying finger food. And always with us: the irrepressible desire to make you and your guests happy.

The DEINspeisesalon cuisine is based on our passion for handcrafted food, the desire for creativity & innovation and the enormous aspiration to create the perfect symbiosis of newly interpreted dishes and all-time favourites for you and your guests. Ultimately, your event should be a feast for all the senses. Enjoyment without dogma, but with a lot of pleasure.

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Our eating habits have a huge impact on the environment, climate and biodiversity, and with every meal we all decide how food is produced, how many resources are required and where this food comes from. At DEINspeisesalon, we take responsibility for ensuring that your event is carried out with the greatest possible sustainability in mind. Our guiding principle: The journey is the reward ... many small steps - big plans. We invite you to accompany us.

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DEINspeisesalon | Jutta Landkotsch GmbH
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DEINspeisesalon | Jutta Landkotsch GmbH
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