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Christmas parties in Cologne

Ideas and locations

The Christmas party plays an important role in wrapping up the year. It offers your company the opportunity to look back over 12 months, celebrate successes together and get in the mood for the festive season. A wide range of culinary, cultural and venue options speak for a Christmas party in Cologne. 

So, turn your Christmas party ideas into reality, whether they involve an inviting, atmospheric company Christmas market or a romantic Rhine cruise? We’ll provide inspiration and help you identify the best idea for your company Christmas party!

Christmas entertainment: social programmes for Christmas parties

A Christmas party in Cologne involves choosing the right offering for your employees from a range of tempting offers.How about a Christmas market to go with the Piccolo Event Company or a Christmas party on the Rhine with Köln Tourist Personenschifffahrt am Dom GmbH? If you are looking for ideas for your Christmas party and accompanying activities, the following points should provide you with inspiration:



Rickshaw picnic ride


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Weihnachtsfeier auf dem Rhein


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Rickshaw Brewery Tour


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Linda Terting


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CologneSKY Pop Up Restaurant


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Locations for your Christmas party in Cologne

Your company's Christmas party serves as a thank you for the work your employees have done and as an incentive going forward. That's why organising a Christmas party is primarily about making your employees happy. As a result, many event organisers combine Christmas party activities and culinary experiences at one location – including special Christmas offers such as cooking shows, festive dinners, or private Christmas markets. Your Christmas party in Cologne can inspire your employees. Find the right venue here:


Event service providers for your Christmas party in Cologne 

Do you want your Cologne Christmas party to set standards or leave a lasting impression at the very least? If so, you'll probably need some professional help to make it happen!

Christmas decorations and a festive Christmas menu require special skills – after all, the festive atmosphere should get employees in a Christmassy mood and help express your gratitude for their work. 

Suitable festive decorations and cozy furnishings offer you Dekorent. Our catering partner Street-Kitchen will create the right menu for you. But the use of technology and the purchase of artists or entertainers are also demanding. Event agencies such as mSa events GmbH will help you competently and reliably put together an entire program. 

Take advantage of these services to make your end-of-year celebration as stress-free and smooth as possible. 

Tips for planning a Christmas party in Cologne

How soon should you start to plan your Christmas party?

For large Christmas parties with over 100 participants, start planning and awarding contracts in the summer at the latest. Smaller events can still be planned effectively in the fall. In both cases, however, early planning leads to peace of mind when it comes to successfully booking your preferred venue, not to mention service providers.


On a per employee basis, what is the right budget for a Christmas party?

Spending depends entirely on your budget and financial performance. Major successes during the year can be celebrated more lavishly. Smaller successes can also be turned into lasting memories on a manageable scale. Up to 110 euros per person can be a reference value.


What steps should you take when planning a Christmas party in Cologne?

Gather ideas and requests from your employees early on. What do they want from a Christmas party in Cologne? Consider what is manageable and makes sense – your employees will be delighted! If necessary, hire an event manager for very large events or get some inspiration and/or quotes from event service providers at an early stage and ensure you put together an unforgettable event..


Are there any special Cologne Christmas traditions or customs that can be merged with the celebration?

The "Chressdääch Leeder", traditional Christmas carols sung in Kölsch dialect, are part of a real Cologne Christmas. A stroll around the city's lovingly put together Advent cribs is just as much a tradition as a visit to the Cologne Cathedral Christmas market.


How do you create a Christmassy atmosphere?

The key ingredients for a perfect Christmas atmosphere are great attention to detail, stylish decorations, the right music, a festive menu, lavish lighting and a venue that suits your company and appeals to your employees, or perhaps even inspires them. 


How can the CCB help you plan your Christmas party?

The CCB is an independent partner with a proven track record, a broad network of contacts that provides a free consultation service for conferences, congresses, meetings, and incentives – and, of course, your Christmas party!


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You don't know how to start planning your christmas party in Cologne?

Our event planning guide will lead you step by step to a successful event.