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Hosting a dinner event in Cologne

Ideas & venues for your evening event

A long, exciting, and successful day lies behind you; your trade fair presentation, workshop or networking event has gone down very well. What remains is an empty stomach and the desire to round off the day with a special evening event? 

We have good news for you – you're in Cologne, the Rhine Metropolis with its vast array of options. Fancy a delicious, guided tour that takes in the city's rich culinary history? Or would you prefer an exciting murder mystery dinner, a sumptuous feast in an old brewery cellar or drinks in a candlelit lounge overlooking the city? 

Whatever your taste, Cologne has plenty of dinner event options to choose from! Read on, to find out how and where to organize an unforgettable dinner event in Cologne.

Unique venues for your Cologne dinner event

What does your ideal evening event look like? Cologne’s extensive range of dinner event hosting options makes it easy for you to tailor your event to your own ideas. So, what’s the best venue for you? That’s easy – it’s the one that adds that bit extra to your event by connecting with your corporate or event objectives. 

Would you like to spoil your participants with creatively delicious cuisine? DEINSpeisesalon offers space for up to 100 people in a modern ambience with an outdoor area for cosy summer evenings.  Do you want to add a typical Cologne touch to your dinner event? Organise the event in the oldest brewery in Cologne: the BRAUWELT Köln. The KWB im Stadtpalais offers a special, historic ambience. The Kaiser-Wilhelm-Bad has been transformed into a popular venue for dinner events.

Have you fallen head over heels in love with a dinner event venue? Just click on it to send a request - and reserve your evening event in Cologne.


Dinner entertainment & activities: The perfect social programme

No dinner event is complete without the right entertainment. Want to add a light-hearted touch to your evening event? 

How about a costumized magic programme? Or would you prefer a lounge vibe replete with some lively banter and the opportunity to dance? The PLUS Eventband & DJ mixes classical and electronic music and fits the bill perfectly. 

But if you’d prefer to get down Kölsch style, you could always invite the legendary Cologne band Höhner – after all, nobody knows how to raise the roof like they do.

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Organizing a dinner event in Cologne: finding the right service providers

A dinner event calls for culinary finesse. If you decide on a venue that doesn’t do catering, professional caterers can really help to make it more appealing. 

Do you need audio and video technology for your supporting programme? No problem! Our partners for event technology are at your disposal. If you would like to equip the location with festive decorations or need transport for your congress participants to the evening event, you will also find what you are looking for.

Tips for planning an evening dinner event in Cologne

What do I need to pay special attention to when planning a dinner event?

To ensure that everything runs smoothly and that you stay relaxed, plan things well in advance. Ideally, devote several months to planning a large dinner event and at least four weeks to a smaller event. Make sure you work with a caterer who can cater for everyone’s needs, i.e., they should provide vegan and vegetarian dishes as well as options for people with allergies.


How do I go about taking guests individual wishes into account?

If possible, ask your guests about their preferences – after all, you don't want your event to flop because they can’t eat your food. To ensure an outcome that pleases everyone involved, coordinate things with your caterer or restaurant in advance.

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