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Organising a networking event in Cologne

Do you know the square in front of Cologne Central Station? It merges with the Domplatte – the raised pedestrian area around Cologne Cathedral which is also Cologne's busiest pedestrian zone. Architecturally, it serves as an initial indicator of the city's uniqueness – when you’re in Cologne you are right in the middle of things, the city is a networking metropolis. 

If you’ve opted to organise a networking event in Cologne, you have chosen a place where diversity, culture and (spatial) opportunities are truly lived. To discover what you’ll need for your networking activities in Cologne, just ask us!


  • expand your network

  • personal exchange

  • the perfect venue

  • suitable social programme

  • accompanying music

  • gourmet catering

Locations for your networking event in Cologne

When planning a networking event in Cologne, your aim is to bring people together. So, do you need a lot of space, technology and catering to create your networking experience? Or are you looking for an intimate atmospheric venue to facilitate in-depth conversations between a small group of participants? Cologne is your first choice. The variety of locations it has on offer is impressive.

Do you already know where you want to hold your networking activities? Simply click on the location and reserve your Cologne networking venue by sending a request to the provider!

Organising a networking event in Cologne and finding the right social programme

If you’re organising your networking event in Cologne, you’ll find there's plenty of options to choose from! Whether it's a vintage band like reinakustisch, a cabaret show featuring local hero Robert Griess that takes a light-hearted look at Cologne’s peculiarities, or a DJ who provides just the right background music, Cologne makes it all possible! Check out some examples here:



WEIHNACHTSMARKT to go - the mobile Christmas market


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DJ Mr Easy


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Event service providers for networking events in Cologne

Networking events need to run smoothly so that your participants can fully concentrate on the interaction. Depending on the scale and requirements of your event, it is therefore advisable to call in event service providers. Their professionalism and experience will help you to coordinate the processes as efficiently as possible, add the decorative and musical touches needed to create a relaxed atmosphere, and conjure up a menu that pleases your participants’ palates. After all, people don't like to engage in productive discourse on a growling stomach or under cold fluorescent lighting.

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Tips for planning a networking event in Cologne

How to plan effective networking activities?

Tailor your activities to the content of your event. Compact workshops can be a good idea for smaller events, while panel discussions can benefit larger networking events in Cologne. A cozy get-together afterwards is a good idea no matter how big or small your event is!


What technical facilities should participants have access to when networking?

Whether its monitors, projectors, audio devices, and headsets, networking events involve the visual presentation technology required by image films and presentations. Creative planning tools can also be a good idea, whereas free reliable Wi-Fi is a must. If you are planning a hybrid networking event, you will also need flawless IT including a video conferencing tool.


How to attract sponsors for networking events?

You can attract sponsors, and underscore the benefits for your sponsor, by highlighting the added value of your networking event in a clear, professional, and inviting way. Formulate your goals and conceptual focal points precisely and tailor them individually for each potential sponsor.


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You don't know how to start planning your seminar in Cologne?

Our event planning guide will lead you to a successful event step by step.