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Planning workshops and seminars in Cologne

Knowledge transfer and sharing is an integral part of the modern world. But to convey content in a constructive and vibrant way it is important to find the best location for your team or company. Cologne is a real knowledge transfer hotspot that’s full of popular workshop locations. Are you currently planning a workshop in Cologne? If so, you’ll learn how to find your seminar room in Cologne here!

Workshop & seminar rooms in Cologne

When looking for your perfect workshop or seminar room in Cologne, make sure you clarify three key things in advance: How much space is available and what sort of technology do you need? What kind of atmosphere would be conducive to conveying your content in the best possible way? What sort of vibe do you want to create for the participants – and what do you want them to get out of it? These key questions will help you find a workshop space in Cologne for almost every conceivable occasion:

Convinced by a location? Simply click on it and send a request to the provider to secure your seminar room in Cologne!

Event service providers for your seminars & workshops

Depending on the type of seminar and workshop you are running, you may need different types of event service providers. From catering and technical support to incoming angencies, who can put together your social programme. They are there to help you – so, seek out the support you need.

Creative social programmes for workshops & seminars

Have you booked a seminar room in Cologne? Great! But don't forget to organize a suitable social programme. 

Are you a carnival fan? No? Maybe it's time to discover carnival then – at least if you're organising a workshop in Cologne between November and February! 

Do you love themed events? No problem – how about brewing beer together, a murder mystery dinner or an exciting tasting? 

Or would you prefer to attend a concert together? Cologne has it all!

Tips for planning a seminar or workshop in Cologne

What technical facilities should be available in workshop and seminar rooms?

Depending on the objective of your workshop or seminar, you should provide visual media, communication tools, flipcharts, tablets (for quick and anonymous surveys among participants for example), notepads and paper.


Do specific requirements apply to certain types of workshops?

If you are planning a hybrid event, you will need a specific technical infrastructure – find out more about this in our article on hybrid events. For a concept workshop, on the other hand, media and materials that contribute efficiently to achieving the workshop's goal are helpful. 

If you are planning a conflict resolution workshop, sensitivity is also required when selecting the venue. The composition and size of the group, the workshop's goal, the budget available and technical requirements all play a role in planning your workshop – we would be happy to assist you.

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You don't know how to start planning your seminar in Cologne?

Our event planning guide will lead you step by step to a successful event.